Snowmobiling tours in and around Orillia

Snowmobiling tours in and around Orillia

As a gateway to the north, Orillia & Lake Country sits between the hustle and bustle of the city and the serenity of the north. In the heart of Ontario’s snowbelt, with lake effect snowfalls off Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay region, our area is a mecca for winter sports.

Snowmobiling is a great way to discover our area in the winter months, with trails accessing hidden gems not easily accessible during other seasons. Many outings can be an hour or two, full day or days of travel across the large network of interconnecting trails that span across Ontario. From beginners to seasoned pros, discover joys of snowmobiling on the fresh snow of Orillia & Lake Country.

Give it a Try!

Love the idea of snowmobiling but don’t know where to start? S.M.A.R.T Adventures is your one-stop spot for beginners, families, or leisurely adventurers to learn from the pros. They provide the equipment for a fun day exploring right next to Horseshoe Valley Resort.

Suit Up & Stay Safe

As with many outdoor sports, conditions need to be right and having some basic equipment is key for a very enjoyable tour of the trails through the countryside!  Having the right equipment doesn’t mean a huge investment in the top end gear but should include a warm helmet (many have heated visors to keep things clear), good gloves, boots, snow pants, and jackets. Don’t let the cold scare you off, it’s quite comfortable being out with the right equipment.

Once you have all that you need, there are many options for linked trails around the area. Consult the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) interactive trail guide, or download the Go Snowmobiling App for the latest in trail opportunities.

Only use trails when they are listed as available and only travel on Lake Couchiching when conditions are safe to do so. Check the OFSC Interactive Map, Go Snowmobiling App, and weather conditions regularly for any changes. Do not venture out near open water or when ice is below 8 inches thick.

Take the Scenic Route

Using the OFSC Interactive Map, here are a few recommended routes through our region starting in Orillia and Lake Couchiching.

Severn Loop (2-4 Hrs)

Starting in Orillia with Trail B head north-west along Lake Couchiching, past the islands and back on shore at the north end of the city at Holocroft Road. Continue north-west on Trail B105C and turn north onto B105 up to Swift Rapids. This route is an excellent nature route, keep an eye out for tracks and wildlife all the way along this section. At the top end of the trail, marvel at the sights of Swift Rapids Lock 43 as you cross over this feat of engineering. Continue west to meet with Trail 14 and start to make your way South again with Trails 15 & C. Take Trail C into the Village of Coldwater to fuel up and grab a bite at one of the village’s heartwarming restaurants. Park your machine and walk along the main street to discover the hidden charms of the village along the river, grab a butter tart from the local bakery and then head back out onto the trail joining up with B105C back to Orillia.

Oro-Medonte Loop (1.5 – 3 Hrs)

Heading south out of Orillia on Trail B112B along the Lake Country Oro-Medonte Rail Trail, turn onto Trail 203 and continue North-West on Trail B, and loop around with Trail 201 for an easy loop with scenic farm and forest views through the rolling hills of Oro-Medonte. While traveling on 201 by Copeland Forest, continue onto Trails 422 and 420 to fuel up in Craighurst and enjoy a lunch at Loobies or HQ Restaurant. Divert onto Trail 421 to stop for a bite at one of Horseshoe Valley Resort’s restaurants. Jump back onto 201 to head back to Orillia.

Snowmobiling trail networks are very dynamic and constantly changing. The Go Snowmobiling App will show you the latest information, with a GPS pointer marking your location.

Enjoy the trails, be aware of other users as they enjoy their day so always travel in control.

Extend your stay in Orillia after a day of adventuring through the Lake Country region. A number of hotels including the Best Western Mariposa Plus, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn are located adjacent to the trail network. Book your accommodations today at a cozy hotel with amenities and easy access to local restaurants and shops.