What’s Juhannus? And How to Celebrate it at Vetta Nordic Spa

What’s Juhannus? And How to Celebrate it at Vetta Nordic Spa

When Vettä Founder and President Eric Harkonen was a boy growing up in Northern Ontario, like most Finns, his parents built a sauna. And that’s probably when he got the bug – when his passion for Finnish Sauna culture was first ignited. And the most special time of year around the Sauna was in June when he celebrated Juhannus with family and friends. With that in mind, Vettä Nordic Spa is offering a month of special events and packages throughout June, so you too can take part in this special celebration.

What is Juhannus?

Juhannus or midsummer is the celebration of the summer solstice. It officially starts the summer season, where everyone enjoys the long days and white nights of Nordic summer. It’s a national holiday in Finland and occupies a special place in the calendar.

The Finnish name for Saint John, Juhannus is a feast of new life in nature, signifying the celebration of light and leaving the darkness behind. It has its roots in pagan tradition, which when it first began, many centuries ago, was a dedication to Ukko – the God of Weather/Thunder.

The festivity is a celebration of both pagan and Christian traditions that might include the lighting of a bonfire or the casting playful magical spells. Traditionally, in Finland, celebrations are held in nature because when Juhannus originated it was believed nature held special powers where magic spells would be more effective.

Even to this day, Juhannus is second only to Christmas as a festive occasion. Celebrations involve fire, water, music, dancing, simple, fresh and delicious foods, and even a bit of magic. In Finland, many cities are deserted, as citizens flee to the countryside to spend time together in Nature.

“Juhannus festivities fed my imagination and are an integral part of the inspiration behind Vettä Nordic Spa,” said Harkonen. “Bonfires, storytelling, music, those little moments of truth in the sauna and, of course, the refreshing cold plunge in the lake are treasured Juhannus memories. One of my earliest memories is carrying buckets of water from the lake up to the sauna.”


Juhannus Specials at Vettä

JUHANNUS SPECIAL FOR JUNE – BUY 3 WEEKDAY PASSES, GET THE 4TH FOR FREE – To facilitate the unique reconnections made possible in the Finnish Sauna tradition, groups who purchase 3 weekday Nordic Spa experiences will receive a 4th free of charge during the entire month of June. Vettä wants to provide guests the opportunity to reconnect – to rebuild the bonds of relationships.



JUHANNUS WELLNESS RETREAT – As part of Vettä’s Juhannus celebrations, they are happy to offer a Wellness Retreat on June 21st, 2023. Participants will arrive at 9am and enjoy full access to amenities, guided moving meditation, forest bathing, refreshments, a midday meal, and also take home Vettä Swag…all created locally!



TASTE OF JUHANNUS – A 4-course beer pairing Finnish-inspired gourmet dinner in partnership with Side Launch Brewing will take place on Thursday, June 22nd.



JUHANNUS DAY – Sunday, June 25th – The climax of Vettä’s Juhannus celebrations will take place on this day – with live music, magical fairies, vendor booths on the grounds, Finnish bbq and so much more…



“My dream has always been to share the renewal, relaxation, and reconnection of the Finnish sauna and hydrotherapy tradition with as many people as possible,” said Harkonen. “When I first came up with the idea of creating Vettä, I did not realize just how much we would all be in need of this transformational experience.”

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