How to Spend a Day in Coldwater Village

How to Spend a Day in Coldwater Village

Coldwater Village is a place set outside of time with it’s small town charm and historic roots in the Township of Severn. Sitting alongside the Coldwater River to Matchedash Bay, the village is more than just a great place to stop en route by paddle, bike or drive, it is a destination filled with personality and soon-to-be memories.

Travel Back in Time

Part of Coldwater’s charm is the true feeling of entering another era as you roll into town. Just off of Hwy 12, turn in to the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum where you can explore the grounds of rural farm equipment and learn about the people and tools that built this village.

In the downtown, visit the Historic Coldwater Mill where many elements of the original mill have been preserved, telling the stories of the settlers and the original Indigenous stewards of the land. The mill’s second floor is being developed to include an Indigenous Art Gallery, Cultural Centre and expansion of historical exhibits. Get a sneak peek at this space when you visit!

Dining & Treats

Head out of the museum and hop over to the other side of the river to Coldwater Ice Cream for a sweet treat served up with retro-style flair. Grab some grub to go at the roadside fries stand in the summer months as well.

Fuel up at Em’s Café on the main street with a delicious roast and treat to start your day. Take in the rustic red-brick building or walk down the alley by the café to enjoy their riverside picnic tables. It’s also a great stop for paddlers and cyclists. We’ve heard there’s even a chance you might see a friendly beaver on the shore during your visit!

Look up!

Walking down the main street can feel like entering a life-sized Eye-Spy book. Storefronts and alleyways are filled with eclectic gems from antiques to public art and everything in-between. Sides of buildings and store canopies are even decorated with vintage signs, antique trinkets, and memorabilia.

Coldwater is in no shortage of a bustling art scene. Many talented artists call Coldwater home with public art and featured gallery space around town. See installations from previous Streets Alive productions, a fairy garden full of wall art and sculptures (you may even stumble upon a friendly guardian named Quercus), and community art pieces on display. Each June, artists from around Severn take part in the Coldwater & Area Studio Tour. There is no denying the creativity and inspiration for so many artists in Severn!

Festivals and Fairs

Coldwater knows how to throw a festival! Throughout the year you can often find something special happening around the village. Be sure to check back for innovative ways in which Coldwater will keep you coming back for more.

As farmers bring in their harvests, the Coldwater Fall Fair is a great way to welcome the fall season. A local agricultural celebration held in the last full weekend in September, the fair is full of rides, games, contests, and exhibitors.

Rounding out into peak autumn season, the witches of Coldwater come out to play with the popular Witches Walk, in  mid-October! Find your finest pointed hat and broomstick to take part in activities and discounts throughout the Village.

Coldwater is place that sticks with you as a village with the best in hometown charm. Start planning your visit today.

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