Here at Elsie’s Creek Farm, Quality and Flavor are our number one concerns.

A typical maple syrup season starts around the end of February where our family plugs the drills in, cleans out the lines, and taps over 1200 hardwood maple trees at our farm.  From then until mid April, our natural wood fired evaporator does not stop turning the sap we collect, into award winning liquid gold maple syrup.

After being filtered more than 16 times, through gravity fed filters, the maple syrup is tested and then bottled.

After this long process it is ready to enter your home and be poured over pancakes, oatmeal, or any breakfast food for that matter.

Although there are a lot of long days and nights spent in the sugar shack, our satisfaction is met through the comments we receive after a bottle of maple syrup is opened.

Carl and his wife Rebecca started producing maple syrup in 1999 and have since expanded their operation to over 1200 taps, raised two sons who intend to expand the business further, and have won over 20 top place ribbons at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  Together as a family, we attend farmers markets in both Orillia and Barrie, the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival, and the Midland Butter tart Festival.

In the recent years we have started a collaboration with Maple Weekend.  On the first weekend in April we open our doors to anyone interested in visiting our farm.  Families have the opportunity to bring their loved ones to explore our farm, see the sugar shack in operation, walk our trails through the maple forest, and enjoy free pancakes with some maple syrup of course.

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