Winter Well

Winter Well

Dressing Warmly and Properly

Winter can bring a beautiful blanket of white fluffy snow but also a cold chill that can be an unfortunate side effect. This side effect can be controlled with dressing warmly and preparing to take winter head on. Dressing head to toe to fight off the cold can be easily done and will enhance your winter fun by staying warm this season. It starts with the socks. Keeping your feet warm can be the difference between having a fantastic day outside in the snow to being very grumpy and cold. We recommend wool socks to keep those toes warm and cozy. Long johns, track pants, and snow pants, are three things that go hand and hand when it comes to rolling around and making snow angles.  Layers are your friends when it comes to staying warm this winter season, start with a tea shirt, then long sleeve, then sweater. And don’t forget to keep those ears warm!

Eating Healthy

Paring great food with winter activities just adds to the overall winter experience. Staying active and eating healthy are two things that can be a little tricky in winter and that’s why these businesses have combined these two at one location. Convenience is bliss when it comes to trying to fit in all the family fun before the winter is gone this season. Locations like Fern Resort, Hardwood Ski and Bike, Bayview Wildwood Resort and the Leacock Museum have paired foods with winter activities for your convenience. Spending more time on the trails and less time worrying about where to fuel up is the advantage of these programs and partnerships. Other events that include this theme are snowga, a food bank fundraiser being held at the Leacock Museum, snowshoe and fondue at hardwood ski and bike, and marsh by moonlight at the Wye Marsh.


Winter Packages and Experiences

Pairing winter activities with accommodations is a perfect way to get the whole family together and enjoy some winter fun. Stay and play all over Ontario’s Lake Country this winter with different themed packages designed for your convenience. Our website has a numerous selection of packages for your convenience. Need a winter romantic getaway? We have a package for that. Already thinking about booking a family day vacation? We have a package for that. Planning a trip around everyone’s busy schedule? Checkout our mid-week packages and don’t miss out this winter.

Winter Activities

Ontario’s Lake Country is truly a four-season playground.  All year-round you can enjoy out door activities that go hand and hand with the current season and this winter is no different. The trails are open, the hills are snowy, the lakes are freezing, and winter is here so grab your friends and family and enjoy winter before it’s too late! Hit the hills and fresh powder and try some new tricks this season at Mount St. Louis Moonstone or Horseshoe Resort. And don’t forget about the hundreds of Kilometres of trails you can walk, snowshoe, ski, bike, and explore in Ontario’s Lake Country. Want to take a break from the cold? Indoors you can still enjoy activities bowling, axe throwing, skate boarding, art tours, and museum tours.

If you want more information on outdoor winter activities checkout our list of Top Ten Outdoor Winter Activities or checkout our Outdoor Activities page on our website.

Here is a list of the business in Ontario’s Lake Country that offer activities for you to enjoy.

Ax Men (axe throwing)

Orillia Museum of Art and History (museum & art tour)

OPP Museum (museum tour)

Orillia Bowl (bowling)

Souldiers Skate Co. (indoor skate park)

Hardwood Ski and Bike (snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fat biking)

Horseshoe Resort (skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, fat biking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing)

Mount St. Louis Moonstone (skiing, snowboarding)

Fern Resort (skating, dogsledding, wagon rides, ice fishing, curling, broomball)

Bayview Wildwood Resort (cross country skiing, wagon rides, ice fishing, skating, snow shoeing, tobogganing)

Wye March (snowshoeing)

Ride Guides (fat biking)

Mother Fudruckers Farm (wagon rides and event rentals)

RD Farms (horseback riding)

A Breath of Fresh Air (fish hut rentals)


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