More Than Just A Game

More Than Just A Game
Winter sports in Orillia are much more than just a game.

Winter activities and sports are essential parts of enjoying and experiencing Canadian winters.  People of all ages participate in a wide array of activities, both competitively and for leisure.  These activities foster community spirit when we cheer on the home team and strengthen hometown pride when we see athletes of today’s generation contributing positively to their community.

Curling, hockey and figure skating are only a few of the sports that have deep roots in Orillia’s history.  Hometown Glory: Orillia’s Winter Sports focuses on celebrating local athletes and the organizations that ensure that these activities continue to be made available to today’s youth.

With artefacts on display from the Orillia Curling Club, the Orillia Figure Skating Club, Orillia Minor Hockey families and local sports enthusiasts, Hometown Glory encompasses what Orillians love about their sports.  Winter sports are not merely rules and regulations – they are about all of the different people in the community that come together to make these activities, leagues and tournaments possible.  From the parents driving to early morning practices and sitting in the cold arenas, to the coaches and trainers that donate their time to shaping their athletes, to the players themselves that exhibit the determination to continue to excel in their chosen sports, to members of the community who are fixtures at the local arenas.


Exhibitions like Hometown Glory wouldn’t be possible without the generous support from our community sponsor, Casino Rama Resort and our community partner, Ontario’s Lake Country.

Hometown Glory: Orillia’s Winter Sports is on now until March 31, 2018 in the Upper Gallery at OMAH.

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