Tour These Driving Routes This Fall

Tour These Driving Routes This Fall

Amazing driving routes to visit this fall!

Come to picturesque Ontario’s Lake Country and travel the roadways through vibrant Fall colours. The Fall colours generally peak around mid-October but the first reds and orange will be appearing soon.

Here are some amazing driving routes that showcase Ontario’s Lake Country’s Fall beauty.

Oro-Medonte Driving Route 


One of the must-visit driving routes within Ontario’s Lake Country is the Oro-Medonte driving route.

This route will take you through picturesque scenery and offers amazing must-see stops along the way.

Oro-Medonte’s countryside offers memorable views and great photo opportunities.

Route Highlights

Severn Driving Route 


The next route is located within the Township of Severn.

Get ready to experience a drive full of beautiful vibrant Fall colours and waterways.

Along this route you will pass through a variety of attractions, great places to eat, and an array of photo opportunities.

Route Highlights

Rama/Ramara Driving Route


Get ready for the breathtaking Fall colours in Rama/Ramara. This is the shortest driving route, but it doesn’t fall short as it is packed with scenic views and exciting stops.

During this route you will have the opportunity to capture amazing photographs within one of Ontario’s Lake Country’s Provincial Parks.  Experience the great outdoors and enjoy a tasty meal along the way.

Only minutes into your drive you will pass the popular Casino Rama Resort which is home to world-class restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Stop by at the start of your tour or at the end for a delicious meal.

Black River Wilderness Park is a highlight along this route. If you are staying in this area and enjoy camping, we highly recommend this campground with its picturesque island campgrounds, meandering river and abundance of trails.

Route Highlights

OLC Driving Route


The last and final driving route to visit this Fall is the Ontario’s Lake Country route.

Take a full day to explore Ontario’s Lake Country true beauty.

During this route you will be explore the beautiful countryside of Ontario’s Lake Country, experience outdoor activities, capture picturesque photos and visit a variety of restaurants and local shops.

Route Highlights

  • Showcases the region’s natural Fall beauty
  • Offers an array of attractions
  • A variety of hiking trails
  • Local shops and restaurants to satisfy any traveler
  • Various opportunities to capture amazing photographs.

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