New Copeland Forest Map and Signage- Helping You Find Your Way

New Copeland Forest Map and Signage- Helping You Find Your Way

A new map of the major trails in the Copeland Forest is now available to help users and people to enjoy the Forest. Over 50 new signs enable users to see where they are on the map.

The map and signage are a project of the Copeland Forest Friends Association.  In the public consultations leading to the formation, David Kennedy, President of the the Association, says, “we heard repeatedly that people were getting lost in the Forest.”  The new map and signage will help them get back to the main parking lots.

“We are so proud of our installation of signs and maps.  They are very user friendly and will make for a much more enjoyable and safe experience for all in the magnificent Copeland Forest.” says Mary Anne Greatrix, Board Secretary, Copeland Forest Friends Association.

The map will be provided free to all members of the Association and sold at community and recreation stores in the region.  Watch for an announcement of the list of stores that will sell the map.

Casino Rama Resort, through their Casino Rama Cares community program, supported this project.  The Nottawawsaga Valley Conservation Authority did the GIS work for the map.  The trails were mapped by the District Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and updated by the Association. Thanks to Horseshoe Resort for its support of the project.

A special thank you to the volunteers of the Copeland Forest Friends Association, particularly the trails committee. The trails committee members are: David Kennedy, Andrew Doble, Neil Craig, Ted Greatrix, Bob Marshall, Dave Lord and Sandy McLoughlin.

This project is one of the key activities included in the 2016 work plan approved under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Association and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.  The Association looks forward to continuing to assist the Ministry with the management of the Forest.

Copeland Forest Map and Signage – Questions and Answers

What trails are included?

The Copeland Forest is a large forest of 4400 acres with 25 km of dual track trails and 50 km of single-track trails.  The map shows the main trails, primarily dual-track trails.  While you may go off on to the single-track trails, you will always come back to a main trail and, then, be able to find yourself on the map.

How will the map help?

You can use the map to navigate in the Forest by following the numbered intersections on the map. In the Forest, a brown and yellow numbered sign has been installed at each of the intersections on the major trails.

At 12 key intersections, “You Are Here” signs have been installed with a map and arrow indicating where you are.  The “You Are Here” signs give the GPS coordinates for the location.

Where can I access the Forest?

The Copeland Forest has multiple access points. To assist users, the Association has installed signage at four public parking locations.  The two largest parking areas are off Ingram Rd at the 3rd Line N and at the 4th Line N. As well, have installed a signage with maps at two locations along the 5th Line N. One more sign will be installed along the 5th Line N.

How do I access the Copeland Forest from Horseshoe Resort?

The Association has mapped two connecting trails from Horseshoe Resort into Copeland Forest and these trails are on the map.  Outside cross-country ski season, Horseshoe Resort guests and visitors may access the Forest via these connecting trails.  Please ensure you do not walk on the golf course during the golfing season.

When I am in the Forest, how do I find the parking lots or get back to Horseshoe Resort?

Within the Forest, the Association has installed 12 directional signs that point back to the parking lots on Ingram Road, the 5th Line N and Horseshoe Resort. These directional signs give the distances back out to the parking area.

What should I do in an emergency?

In an emergency situation, contact 911.  If you are near a “You Are Here” sign, note the GIS coordinates.  Copies of the new map will be provided to emergency response personnel.

How accurate is the map?

The map is based on current information and has been checked in the field.  However, trails are subject to change. Please provide the Association with any feedback.  Updates will be posted on our web site,

For more information, please contact:


David Kennedy at    or    Mary Anne Greatrix at


David Kennedy at 705-345-5131 (cell) or 705-835-5131 (home) Please call within regular business hours. Thank you.


Published in 2016, this article may contain information that is out of date.

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