Maple Tours and Winter Fun in Orillia & Lake Country

Maple Tours and Winter Fun in Orillia & Lake Country


Written By – Marc Smith

Who wants pancakes smothered in maple syrup? I do, I do! Late February and March is the perfect time to squeeze in a few end of season winter activities and experience the magic that is Maple Sugar Bush season. Orillia & Lake Country is the sweetest winter weekend getaway location with something for the whole family to enjoy. Here is just a sample of all that you can enjoy, from maple syrup to winter tubing. Let’s go maple shall we.

Shaw’s Maple Syrup Bush – The most important meal of the day is breakfast and what better way to start your day than a visit to Shaw’s Maple Syrup Bush. Five generations have tapped the trees on this land since 1904 and there is no sign of them slowing down. You can walk the trails of the Sugar Bush and everywhere you look you will see the sap running. Most of the trees are tapped with the sap running through tubes directly to the production facility.

They do have a few trees tapped in the old school way with a bucket so you can see how it used to be done. Drip, drip, drip. Did you know it takes 40 litres of clear sap to make 1 litre of maple syrup? One drip at a time it’s a slow process. Thank god Shaw’s have over 4000 trees in their Sugar Bush.

On weekends you can enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides that take you through Sugar Bush trails. It recreates the way they collected the sap until the late 1960s.

Shaw’s Maple Syrup is also home to their famous pancake breakfasts. Be prepared to line up as this is a hugely popular event.  While you wait for breakfast to be delivered check out the maple syrup and family history that lines the pancake house walls.

There are plenty of outdoor activities at Horseshoe Resort to help you burn off all the maple syrup covered pancakes you consumed at Shaw’s Maple Syrup. Here are four of them and you don’t need to have your own equipment as they have rentals on hand for everyone.

Fat Bike

What the hell is a fat bike? It is the latest winter sports trend. Imagine a trail bike with super fat tires. It is designed for riding snow packed trails. Not as hard as you may think and plenty of fun for all ages and abilities.

Cross County Skiing

Inspired by Nordic Olympians? Try your skill at cross country skiing. Rental equipment is on hand at the lodge if you don’t have your own. It’s a great cardio workout and for those of us with bad knees, it is very low impact.


How does a 200+ pound man walk on the top of snow? With snowshoes of course. Hit the deep drifts without sinking all the way to the bottom. Rentals provided at the lodge.

Winter Tubing

What goes up must come down. Now, this is my kind of sport. An escalator takes you to the top of the mountain. Then you sit in your tube and whizz down to the bottom of the hill screaming like a twelve-year-old. It’s awesome and worth repeating as many times as you can. Join tubes with a friend and you’ll go down even faster.

My advice is visit Shaw’s Maple Syrup early on both Saturday and Sunday and then hit the trails afterwards. You’ve got lots of options for activities and I haven’t even talked about enjoying a little spa time for those traveling without kids and looking for a bit of me time.

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Originally published in 2018, this article may contain information that is out of date.

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