At inRcity Ball they are creating a new faster, positionless game of basketball. With a 3 on 3 format it allows players to develop more creative individual skills and puts the ball in each player’s hands more often. Having no coaches or positions takes the pressure away from the players and allows freedom to try some things that are usually only seen in the driveway and lots of fun.

To go along with their play style, they have also downsized the courts to 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. At inRcity, they feel that this will improve dribbling and passing skills along with speed and quicker reactions as the defense will have easier recovery and contest their opponents faster.

To add on to the smaller courts they also have lowered the nets! The nets are adjustable from 7 feet to 10 feet with full 72 inch glass backboards! This will allow younger/smaller players to develop a proper shooting form and make it easier to score!

Have fun and enjoy the game of basketball with some friends and meet new people and players along the way! Stay active and have fun playing basketball with no pressure to play a perfect game. Just keep smiling and play the game!



124 Norweld Dr. Orillia, Ontario


44.59963422630801, -79.4166961205093

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