Ice Fishing in Orillia and Lake Country

Ice Fishing in Orillia and Lake Country
Discovering Winter on the Water

Surrounded by multiple lakes and seasonal fishing locations Orillia and Lake Country is a wonderful place to discovery a four season playground.  As the cold weather blows over and the lakes begin to freeze the opportunity for an experience that is fun for the whole family illuminates.

Ice Fishing in Orillia and  Lake Country has been a popular activity my whole life. Every year it seems to get more popular and as I grew into my teen years I finally had the chance to try this very Canadian activity. Still to this day I find it a little nerve racking stepping onto a lake and walking or snowmobiling kilometers to a location to drop a rod in. Walking across a vast piece of water to which a couple of months earlier I would have been swan diving into is a fascinating experience.

Though the first time on the ice was an eye opening moment I was assured it was safe. But I still didn’t feel fully comfortable until I arrived at the location of the ice hut and saw the 6 inches of clear strong ice. Fishing on a frozen lake is an interesting experience compared to the traditional open water fishing I was used to. The technical and finesse was different but I picked it up quickly and had a great time.

Alongside the tremendous area to ice fish are places to rent and purchase items to enhance your outdoor experience. Places like A Breath of Fresh Air and KS Lake Simcoe Ice Hut Rentals offer ice hut rentals. For snowmobile rentals you can checkout Lake Country Adventure. And for fishing supplies Trombly’s Tackle Box offers a verity of hunting, fishing and camping necessities.

For More information on fishing locations and Ice hut rentals check this Online Brochure

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