Great Family Skiing North of Toronto at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone

Great Family Skiing North of Toronto at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone


Just an hour north of Toronto, right in the middle of Ontario’s snowbelt region, Mount St. Louis Moonstone is a favourite choice for skiing and snowboarding as the Huter family has invested heavily on the best snowmaking equipment in the industry. They are also usually the first resort to open each season and the last to close, with 36 slopes, two terrain parks, 170 acres of skiable terrain, nine chairlifts and three carpets.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone is known for being family friendly and has the facilities to accommodate skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels. It’s not uncommon for Sarah and the rest of the staff to see beginner skiers and snowboarders in their 30s and 40s who quickly fall in love with the sport.

“People feel like they’re part of our family, here at Mount St. Louis Moonstone,” says Sarah. “It’s a place where you can grow up and you can come back to as an adult and bring your own children and we really cherish that feeling and culture.”

For Sandra Poderos, Mount St. Louis Moonstone is the place where she started working when she was in grade school and now she and her husband bring their own children there for family time. Forget about sitting on the sidelines while her children play hockey and figure skate. Every weekend, they hit the slopes together.

“Did you know you can get your kids up earlier on the weekend to be at the ski resort for 8 a.m., than trying to get them up for a 9 a.m. school start?” she laughs.

Sarah Huter still smiles when she thinks of her young son on skis, before he could walk, at the age of 11 months. “He actually took his first steps that night,” she recalls. “He had so much fun on the magic carpet with his dad that he thought, I better hurry up and walk.”



Now Lukas Huter is a regular at Mount St. Louis Moonstone and will no doubt follow in the footsteps of his family, including his grandfather, Austrian Alpine Skier Josl Huter, who founded the popular ski resort, over 50 years ago.

Although most kids don’t start skiing before their first birthday, Mount St. Louis Moonstone does suggest three years old as a good age and boasts the largest beginner terrain in Ontario, where ‘magic carpets’ whisk them to the top.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone celebrated 50 years in business in December 2014,  and unveiled massive celebrations and big changes! Including Night Skiing which has been an amazing investment for this family run operation.

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Visit their site at Mount St Louis Moonstone.

Published in 2016, this article may contain information that is out of date.

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