Fat Biking – Cycling in a four-season destination

Fat Biking – Cycling in a four-season destination

A Blog By — Sven, Sales & Marketing Coordinator @ Ontario’s Lake Country

Fat-biking has been becoming increasingly popular every year, so we figured we should try it ourselves. Wow, I must say this was an amazing way to spend Family Day! The slight rain on Family Day Monday kept away the majority of visitors, but we couldn’t be stopped.

What is fat-biking, you ask? Essentially, I refer to fat-biking as mountain biking in the snow. The bikes are specially designed with “fat” tires, which help you gain traction and navigate through the trails. Now, don’t be scared you won’t have to plow through three feet of snow – all the fat-biking trails are maintained to ensure the best conditions and experience.

If you haven’t gone fat-biking before, don’t worry. This was my first time going out to experience this amazing winter activity, and it was no problem getting right into it. If you know how to ride a bicycle, then you know how to fat-bike. Like I said before, it’s like mountain biking but in the snow.

We went to Horseshoe Valley Resort as we required rentals, which were conveniently located on-site! The trails through Copeland Forest are maintained quite well and make for a smooth riding experience. Throughout the course you will find directional signs to guide your way.

Dress for the cold. Although we had mild conditions during our first fat-biking experience, it is best to dress for the cold as you are out in the colder months of the year. It is recommended to you wear layers you can take off and put on. As this is quite an intense activity you might want to shed some layers when you get hot or put on more layers when you stop for a break.

Make sure to bring water (or other beverages to stay hydrated) and snacks for when you make those quick stops to catch your breathe.

Looking for guided tours? Well you’re in luck! Ride Guides offers guiding tours right from the Horseshoe Valley location. This is a great way to get into fat-biking, learn how to fat-bike and learn more about the trails while being guided by an experienced rider.

Where to go? Ontario’s Lake Country is lucky to have a variety of fat-biking trails, here is a list of where to go!

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