Fall Hiking Routes

Fall Hiking Routes

Top Fall Hiking Routes

Take advantage of beautiful Ontario’s Lake Country and explore the quiet, colourful trails this Fall.

Each trail has unique characteristics which make them a must-visit spot this Fall for all those who enjoy the outdoors.

Here are our top Fall hiking trails to visit.

Grants Woods

Grants Woods is a great location for a gentle walk through a forest of brilliant Fall colours.

A network of 4 km looped walking trails, with connecting footbridges and interpretive stations. leads the hiker through an  upland forest that has not been logged for over a century and along small streams.

Fun Fact: William Grant donated this property to the Conservancy in 2002. The Grant family had owned the property since 1908.

Uhthoff Trail

The Uhthoff Trail is connected to the Trans Canada trail that runs through Ontario’s Lake Country. This is a long linear trail, so the distance is completely up to you!

This trail includes, scenic wooded areas, wetlands and streams, and a variety of old barns. These features combined with the Fall colours make this trail worth exploring.

Fun Fact: The Uhthoff Trail is 30km long and connects to the Trans Canada Trail.

Orillia Millennium Trail

The Orillia Millennium Trail takes you through the beautiful City of Orillia.

Throughout this trail you will pass through many parks, while discovering the City of Orillia. One of the parks you will be passing through will be Couchiching Beach Park, which has a beautiful pathway by the waterfront covered by colorful fall trees.

Fun Fact: The paved portion is part of the Trans Canada Trail System which connects to the Uhthoff Trail.

Scout Valley

Scout Valley Loop Trail is compiled of three trails which overlap. The Algonquin Trail, Sugarbush Trail, and the Homestead trail.

Each of these trails within Scout Valley have their own characteristics which make them all a must-visit.

In addition, each of the trails within Scouts Valley offer stunning scenery and colourfull trees, and pathways.

Fun fact: The City of Orillia donated this conservation easement to the Couchiching Conservancy in 2007.


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