Eco-Biking at Hardwood Ski and Bike

Eco-Biking at Hardwood Ski and Bike

Have you tried Eco Motion Solutions’ E-Bikes? We have! Ontario’s Lake country visited Hardwood Ski and Bike to try out the new E-Bikeboard! These are a great new and unique way to explore and experience nature in a fun way that is easy for anyone to try!

E-Bikeboards are a three-wheeled, light and eco-friendly new way of exploring the trails and outdoors! These bikes can reach up to 45km an hour and a range of 70km! E-bikes are also eco-friendly, they are run by 2 batteries that are rechargeable and easy to bring along to extend your riding time!

They have adjustable handlebars, and accessories to attach such as a seat, to make this product suitable for everyone! A storage compartment is also attached to the back of the bike to bring your belongings along for the ride in a safe and secure way!

The bike is equipped with front and back brakes to ensure you are able to stop if needed or when parking! Speed can be controlled by a dirt-bike style throttle and speed levels you can increase or decrease to stay in a certain price range. The bike also has cruise control to maintain speed over long distances!

Sheldon from Eco Motion Solutions, demonstrated and explained how these bikes work and how to ride them safely, and within 2-3 minutes we were up and on the trails!

Cruising through the trails was super fun and easy! Turning the bike is done by carving, similar to skiing. Using your feet and knees and leaning the direction you want to go, will turn the bike! It sounds tricky but e-bikes are very secure and stable!

The best way to learn about e-bikes and how to rid, is giving them a try! Spend 2-3 minutes with a guide learning how to maneuver and you’re on your way!