Coffee Talk, Four Orillia Coffee Shops That Will Keep You Caffeinated

Coffee Talk, Four Orillia Coffee Shops That Will Keep You Caffeinated
Coffee Talk, Four Orillia Coffee Shops That Will Keep You Caffeinated – ANOTHER REASON TO VISIT SIMCOE COUNTY

By Marc Smith from Marc My Travels

Can we talk? Over a cup of coffee that is. One of the first things I look for when I visit a new to me town and destination is where I will be able to get my caffeine fix. Be it drip coffee, cold brew, espresso or some Unicorn Frappacino concoction we are all obsessed with the drink that the vast majority of Canadians have to start their day on the right foot.


Coffee has become my religion which make coffee shops my churches. When I first arrived in Orillia the first thing I did was start researching where I would be worshipping every day during my visit. I found four coffee shops worthy of a visit, three of which were within two blocks of each other.

Most people when they first arrive in Orillia start on Mississaga Street as it is the heart of the downtown and that is where the first two coffee shops are located.

Mariposa Market 109 Mississaga St E – If you walk into Mariposa Market off of the Mississaga Street entrance your first thought will be this is a bakery and not a coffee shop. You are partly right. Make your way towards the back of the store and will find plenty of cafe tables with locals seated at them enjoying their coffee and a pastry.

Keep walking and you will find yourself in the “new” expanded coffee shop section, known as the back porch to locals, with it’s own baked goods counter, coffee and of course espresso machine. This is where I spent my visit. The middle of the store cafe is generally packed with locals and regulars and is quite busy so making your way to the expanded section may offer more space.

There is also a direct entrance to this part of the store from the rear parking lot. The coffee is good here but the pastries are even better. If you want a sweet treat with your java this is my #1 recommended place. Coffee and a Croissant or Apple Fritter you choose.

Patilero 23 Mississaga St E – The sign doesn’t say it but Patilero is a coffee shop with plenty to offer. Pastries, chocolate and artisan breads are the mainstays but they also make wicked coffee and there is plenty of seating inside. This delicious location is along Mississaga Street in Downtown Orillia.

While you enjoy your favourite brew here you’ll be tempted to try one, or two, of their hand made chocolates or a slice of their decadent cakes on offer. Everything is made in house with the freshest and best ingredients available.

How about a Salted Caramel Truffle or a Patilini Shortbread dipped in dark chocolate to go with your cup of Joe?


Verona Coffee Co 1 Peter St S – One of the newest additions to the coffee scene is Verona Coffee just off Mississaga Street on Peter Street in Downtown Orillia. A small space, perfect for grab and go Americano’s, Lattes and Cappuccinos. They offer limited seating inside with four small bistro tables and their WiFi is pretty good as well for surfing while you sip.

The staff is young, energetic and they know how to make a good espresso so for your grab and go coffees this is my recommended stop downtown.

Mark IV Brothers 187 Nottawasaga StMark IV is a short drive out of the downtown Orillia core but by far it is my favourite coffee shop in Orillia and was recommended to me by many locals when I asked about the best coffee shop in town.

A cafe and variety store Mark IV is easy to miss if you don’t know it is there. It is a converted variety store turned into a cafe. They have a funky interior design that is part kitsch, part eclectic and part cottage life. It is extremely cozy though and encourages neighbourghly chit chat no matter if you came in with a friend or solo.

In my opinion the best espresso brewed in town and well worth the drive. Make sure to browse the shelves as they offer plenty of treats, snacks and coffee beans for sale. If you are in town for an evening or two check out the entertainment calendar and perhaps you will be able to catch a live performance.

Which coffee shop is right for you? You’ll have to visit them and decide for yourself. The best thing is you have choices, really great choices. Enjoy.

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