Adventure Days Volume II

Adventure Days Volume II

The fun never ends in Ontario’s Lake Country!

Another day of adventures kicked off with Tourism Simcoe County again and was an awesome experience.

Swift Canoe & Kayak

We started that day off at Swift Canoe and Kayak just off highway 400 by Matchedash Bay in Severn Ontario. The location there is very beautiful, and they offer a wide selection of different type of kayaks and canoes for any type of paddler. For our adventure a canoe worked best, giving us room for our stuff and providing space to film and take photos.

The highway is close to where you start but as you make your way further into the bay the noise begins to fade, and you begin to enjoy yourself more and more. The tall grass and small islands complement the paddling experience with different types of birds both in the air and on the water. Overall it is a great spot to paddle and the daily rentals are a great deal!


The Big Chute Marine Railway – Lock 44

Next we headed over to lock 44 or the Big Chute Marine Railway. The Big Chute is located along the Trent Severn Waterway and is a one of a kind lock. It is a very popular tourist destination because of its unique style of operations. Traditionally locks operate with boats entering the lock, the doors close and the water level inside decreases to bring the boats down or increases to bring the boats up to the next body of water. But the Big Chute carries the boats over a hill using a railway into the next body of water, transporting them across land.

While taking some photos and videos a kind gentleman offered to take us across the lock with him and his family in their boat. We kindly accepted, and it was an awesome experience and a different perspective when visiting lock 44.

Coldwater Village

And then it was onto lunch at EM’s Café in Coldwater and cycling the Uhthoff trail. Lunch was truly delicious with a light tuna and avocado panini, or as they call it the Tijuana Tuna Sandwich, and fresh ice tea. A perfectly light lunch to fuel the days excitement.

The trail was nice enough, I wouldn’t recommend a speed bicycle with very thin tires just because of the trail conditions but a traditional bike does perfectly fine. The trail is rather flat and a nice scenic route filled with trees, farmers fields and nature all around.

Couchiching  Conservancy

Lastly we headed over to the Couchiching Conservancy to walk the beautiful trails through Grants Woods. The weather was perfect and just enhanced the overall experience of that day. As the day came to an end it was a wonderful spot to finish Adventure Days Volume II off at.

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